Healing Meals Community Project

Please Donate


The warmth and kindness felt in the Healing Meals kitchen are felt by all who enter. With your help, we will continue to provide nourishing, healing meals to clients at their most vulnerable time while we empower our youth to become leaders and role models for a healthier world.

Each week we provide over 400 meals for families in a health crisis, but sadly, there are many more families who need our support. Currently, it could take some families up to 2 months to receive meals when they need them most; when they are trying to manage the enormity of their crisis.  

One of our clients recently shared the impact our meals and loving support has had on her family: “I received my first delivery yesterday afternoon by two very welcoming Delivery Angels. What a beautiful package of food and a lovely card. I sampled a couple of things and all were wonderful. What a wonderful service. I truly feel this food will be an important part of my healing process.”  

Through June we are participating in the Travelers Championship Birdies for Charity Program. For every dollar you donate now to Healing Meals through this program, we will receive a 15% contribution from Travelers, which makes a meaningful difference!  

Donating through Birdies for Charity is easy…simply follow this link. With your contributions, we will have the resources to provide healing meals and the support of our community to the families that have been waiting for weeks. 

Your contribution will make a meaningful difference for families that have been waiting for our support!  

With deep gratitude!

Sarah Leathers
Founder & CEO 
Healing Meals Community Project