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Meal Service

Healing Meals Community Project is a non-profit organization that provides 100% organic nourishing meals for those dealing with a health crisis who, because of their serious medical diagnoses, have difficulty cooking and shopping and preparing healthy meals.

Approximately 90% of our clients have cancer, and 10% have another acute illness.

Our mission is to support clients and their families with healthy food made with love to lessen side effects, increase positive treatment outcomes and help them recover more quickly after treatment is over. Healing Meals Community Project also aims to teach clients that nutritious, whole foods can be a foundation for their healing. Through the direct experience of eating organic nutrient-rich meals each week, our clients deepen their understanding that whole food sustains and supports their health.

For this reason we want our clients to receive meals for a minimum of six weeks.

 We currently serve clients and their families in the greater Hartford area. As a result, we give priority to clients who are economically disadvantaged, to those with children, to people living alone without any support, and to those who do not qualify for any other meal programs.

We deliver meals for 14 weeks at no cost to our clients and those family members living with them.

Who Can Receive Meals?

  • Those living in Greater Hartford County, please call if you are not sure.
  • Those in treatment for cancer, or another acute health challenge
  • Those not receiving hospice care

What You Receive

  • 4 complete entrees with side dishes, ready to be heated up and enjoyed
  • 1 quart of soup
  • 1 healthy dessert
  • 1 quart of immune Broth

The Process

  • Call Healing Meals Community Project at 860.431.0507 or email emilysafino@healingmealsproject.org.
  • Our Client Liaison Manager Emily Safino will discuss with you when the most supportive time to receive the meals would be and set a start date for service.
  • She will also discuss your treatment plans and how long you might be receiving the meals.
  • Your Client Liaison will remain in contact with you while you are receiving meals to insure that the meals we send are as nourishing as possible.