Healing Meals Community Project

We’re Running the Hartford Marathon! Because We Can.

Our generous community partner, Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Centers (PTSMC) has formed a Hartford Marathon training team to raise money for Healing Meals Community Project. We thought it was such a good idea that we decided to lace up our sneakers and join them. Now, we need your support.


Every year in Connecticut, over 22,000 men, women, and children are diagnosed with cancer and several thousand more are fighting for their lives as they face other critical conditions. It’s at this time that healing foods and support are needed most but many don’t have these resources, which is overwhelming for them and their family! Healing Meals was created to provide 100% organic meals, prepared by youth chefs and chock full of nutrition and love for deeper healing for the whole family.

When someone faces a health crisis, there are so many things they can’t do.

Because We Can, we will train and run to raise money and hope for those who can’t.


Our team of 71 runners (signed up for everything from the 5K to the relay to the half marathon to the marathon) has raised almost $18,000 in donations and sponsorships! To see our team, visit our fundraising page on Crowdrise and please consider making a donation. And, please support our sponsors – they are so very special to us – their logos below will link you to their websites.













We look forward to making a difference with you this year! Because We Can.