Reducing Toxicity

Healing Meals Community Project 140 Nod Road, Weatogue, CT, United States

Do you struggle with fatigue, skin issues, or aches and pains? You may be carrying a heavy toxic load. In the name of progress, we have polluted our air, water, and soil while creating a food system that doesn't support our detoxification processes.


Charity 5K Pre-Race Dinner

Our Nourish with Love team is invited to a pre-race dinner on Thursday, October 12, at 6pm. Come meet other walkers/runners, enjoy a delicious meal on the deck (weather permitting) and collect your Healing Meals T-shirt and race packets.

Healthy Holidays with Chef Joe

Join us for an engaging, hands-on cooking experience with our Executive Chef, Joe Buchoz who will guide you in creating an organic, healthy holiday menu (appetizer, main course and dessert). Guests will work in groups to create each menu item at a dedicated workstation complete with tools and ingredients. You will discover and practice new ways to create healthy, delicious food you can share with friends and family this holiday season. Guests will get to enjoy the finished holiday menu at the end of the event and take-home recipes to create these dishes at home. You won't want to miss this immersive culinary experience at Healing Meals!


Healthy Holiday Baking with Ayelet Connell

Join us for a festive holiday baking evening with Ayelet Connell on December 12th at 6pm! As part of this hands-on baking experience, Ayelet will teach you how to transform your standard, favorite recipes using healthy ingredients, alternative flours, and easy to source natural sweeteners. Guests will work in groups to create various holiday desserts at a dedicated workstation, complete with tools and ingredients. Guests will get to enjoy the finished desserts at the end of the event, while engaging in a Q&A with Ayelet to answer all your baking questions!