Healing Meals Community Project

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons, Gentlemen of the Road Fund is a supporter of Healing Meals Community Project.

Deering Banjos hosted an online  auction of a custom Connecticut themed banjo that is signed by the band.

The band Mumford & Sons are on tour and played in Connecticut Feb 28, 2019. As part of their tour they are continuing in the exciting Charity Banjo Campaign which they have partnered with Deering Banjos. 

In the spirit of giving to the communities welcoming them, Mumford & Sons and Deering Banjos continue in their philanthropic partnership with Delta Tour Mumford & Sons Charity Goodtimes Banjos. Custom one-of-a-kind artisan goodtime banjos have been crafted representing locations the band will be playing on their DELTA TOUR AROUND THE WORLD. Each of these banjos are designed and made at the Deering Banjos factory in Spring Valley California. The banjos are then personally signed by Mumford & Sons and will be auctioned online benefiting hand-picked local charities in the tour regions. They have chosen to support Healing Meals Community Project with the proceeds from their Connecticut concert.

Healing Meals Community Project serves healthy, 100 percent organic meals to clients and their families who are struggling with a health crisis. These meals are provided free of charge and delivered to the client’s doorstep by volunteer Delivery Angels. All the meals are prepared by youth volunteers, who are given the opportunity to learn how to cook and eat healthy foods, as well as understand the power of their food choices to build healthier communities and a healthier environment.

“We are extremely excited and grateful for Mumford and Sons and Deering Banjos’ support of Healing Meals Community Project,” said Founder and CEO Sarah Leathers. “We are big fans of the music, but more importantly we love that they collaborate to give back in the communities in which they play. Our program has a ripple effect that goes well beyond the food and our clients tell us they feel that they are part of a larger caring society knowing. I believe the music these gentlemen create has the same impact and we are proud they chose to recognize our work. ”

The Connecticut Banjo auction went live at 8am EST on Feb 28th and ended at 7pm EST, March 6th. The banjo sold for over $3,000!

About Healing Meals Community Project

Healing Meals Community Project is proud to be a Ceres Affiliate Partner, a national network of organizations building healthier communities by empowering young people, promoting community service, caring for our neighbors in need, and restoring healthy and organic fresh foods to their place as the foundation of health for people and planet. To learn more about Healing Meals, please visit healingmealsproject.org/

About Gentlemen of the Road

Gentlemen of the Road is a vehicle through which Mumford & Sons get to do things that they love, their way. This includes releasing records, putting on our own shows, engaging with the community they find their selves in, and figuring out together how to be good neighbors. To learn more about Gentlemen of the Road please visit gentlemenoftheroad.com.