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Nourishing Connections Cookbook

The Nourishing Connections 2nd Addition Cookbook is now available for purchase!

Nourishing Connections Cookbook includes vital information about the link between what we eat and our health.

This wonderful cookbook is only $34.95! In the neighborhood? You can visit us and and pick up your book at Auerfarm in Bloomfield, CT. Once you purchase the book a Healing Meals Community Project volunteers will contact you to arrange pick-up. Otherwise we will happily mail it to you.

Co-authored by Ceres Community Project founder Cathryn Couch, Nourishing Connections Cookbook is the inspiring story of a how a community gathered its resources to creatively address a multitude of needs. Healing Meals Community Project is an affiliate of the Ceres Community Project which provides beautiful, delicious, and nourishing meals each year to individuals and families living with a health crisis.

The book’s more than one hundred recipes were created by and for Ceres clients and include many we prepare for our clients. They have been home tested by people living with serious illness. For those with limited energy, each recipe comes with suggestions for how to break down the preparation tasks into smaller steps over several days, as well as a wealth of suggestions for how to nourish your self well with almost no cooking.

The book includes a wealth of simple, practical suggestions for how to improve your own diet and a rich resource section of books, websites, and specialty food sources to support your journey.

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