Ayelet Connell, PhD


Ayelet brings an eclectic background to her role as Program & Education Manager at Healing Meals. In her earlier professional career, Ayelet was a Physical Therapist and owned multiple wellness centers around the country specializing in manual therapy and coaching families and individuals on how to live a healthy life through diet and nutrition. Ayelet earned her Physical Therapy degree from the University of Hartford and then her Doctoral Degree from Union Institute & University, focusing on children with neurologic disorders. In addition to her clinical practice, Ayelet has taught all over the world and written for varied publications on multiple health topics for many years. Because of her diverse medical background, organizational management skills, and expertise in wellness and natural health, Ayelet’s role as Program & Education Manager is a good fit. As our client numbers continue to grow, our team has cultivated many new partnerships with hospitals and non-profit organizations that are focusing on specific medical conditions.

With Ayelet’s medical knowledge and wellness background, her role supports these new relationships and building new programs to highlight the impact that we are having with our Healing Meals program. As part of her role, Ayelet is responsible for cultivating our community education programs. Today, we are serving many more clients that live in underserved communities. We are exploring more ways to make our wellness education accessible to our entire community. Ayelet can often be found hanging out in the kitchen engaging with our volunteers and taste-testing our delicious food. On a personal note, Ayelet lives in West Hartford with her two beautiful children. Her favorite days at Healing Meals is when her own kids are helping out!