Ayelet Connell, PhD


As a Paleo & Gluten-free Chef, Blogger, and Coach, with a warm personality & bright smile, Ayelet Connell, PhD, has the perfect mix of skills to be the Executive Chef for Healing Meals. An entrepreneur by nature and a natural health expert, she has published many articles on the subject and owned several businesses, including a robust wellness center and international seminar company. As Healing Meals Program Manager, Ayelet uses her strong networking skills to connect Healing Meals with clinical partners and be a liaison between the two, as well as support the overall program and Team.

Much to her coworkers’ delight, she has been cooking & baking delicious sweet and savory dishes for many years. In her ‘past life’, Ayelet was a Physical Therapist and specialized in treating children with neurologic disorders where she integrated comprehensive bodywork, nutritional wellness, and healthy lifestyle education for children and their families. Ayelet’s exceptional skills in this arena make her the perfect team member to educate doctors and other clinical professionals about the incredible services Healing Meals has to offer. On her favorite days, you can find Ayelet working side-by-side the fabulous youth and adult volunteers, dancing and singing to some fun tunes in the Healing Meals kitchen.

Ayelet is a local of the Greater Hartford, CT community and has lived there for many years, where she integrates a healthy lifestyle at home with her wonderful family.