Tracy Arnold


Affectionately called Chief Fun Officer by her colleagues, Tracy lives up to the title with her quick smile, easy laugh, and strong desire to bring sunshine into everything she does. She is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach whose personal mission is to empower people with chronic stumbling blocks to realign their thoughts and daily practices toward a more balanced life. At Healing Meals, Tracy has poured her knowledge, heart, and soul into developing the NEW Book (Nutrition, Education, Wellness). This curriculum focuses on bringing Nourishment the Healing Meals way to life so that our clients and volunteers can deepen their understanding of whole foods nutrition and the link between diet, health outcomes, healing/wellness, and a sustainable environment.

Tracy often encourages individuals to watch Ted Lasso to help them understand the Healing Meals effect; bringing people together with a common purpose, immersed in a culture of love and kindness, opens the door to magic. Tracy’s passion for her position and the opportunity to work with youth/adults, fostering leadership and life skills, self-love, and the knowledge that food has the power to heal is awe-inspiring.