Our Nourishing Broth

For centuries all around the world, healing broths and soups have been used to support the immune system. At Healing Meals Community Project, we call our nutritious healing broth, Nourishing Broth. It is our signature healing vegetable broth that is simmered and steeped for a long time with a variety of healing vegetables and adaptogenic herbs.

A very important part of our signature Healing Meals Nourishing Broth is adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens include herbs and other plants that can assist our body in managing stress and help to restore balance following a high-stress experience. Adaptogens come in varied forms including herbal supplements and teas as well as powders that are added to smoothies and other foods.

At Healing Meals, we add adaptogenic herbs and other plants to our Nourishing Broth and allow the broth to simmer and steep for a long time to get the most benefits out of these healing foods. Our Nourishing Broth is made from a variety of vegetables like onion, celery, carrot, parsley, sweet potato, and garlic. In addition, we add specific herbs that fit this adaptogenic category. These herbs include juniper berry, bay leaf, black peppercorns, codonopsis, turmeric rhizome, astragalus, and kombu seaweed. By adding these special foods to our broth, we are creating a healing broth for our clients that can support the immune system and help the body heal.

Our healing Nourishing Broth is a part of our client menu every week. We recommend that our clients drink this broth as a tea and add it to any healing soup that they make. By drinking our healing broth as a tea or enjoying soup made with our Nourishing Broth, we can support our body’s healing journey

You may also view the full recipe here.