Samira Solomon


Samira completed her medical training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She went on with her psychiatric training at the Institute of Living, where she also served as chief resident in her final year. After residency, she pursued additional training through a Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry fellowship at Hartford Hospital. She worked as a consultation psychiatrist at Hartford Hospital for three years before transitioning to her current role as the attending psychiatrist for the Young Adult Services Medical Track at the Institute of Living. In addition to her clinical role, she is the associate program director for the Adult Psychiatry Residency.

As a doctor and mental health professional she is passionate about the “food is medicine” philosophy and continues to be surprised at how little this comes up in medical training or the practice of medicine. Her desire to do more for her community led her along with her family, to become volunteer Delivery Angels for Healing Meals. Now, as a board member, she is committed to helping Healing Meals grow even further, change our community, and change our culture around food and health.