We Love Our Teen Volunteers

I have loved volunteering for FVFFH. The volunteers, staff and of course the clients we serve have added so much to my life. I feel so lucky to work with such compassionate people.

Marge Brown


Teens are intelligent, responsible, capable, creative, and caring.
They possess the power to make a huge difference in our world.s

As a Healing Meals Community Project volunteer, we invite you to step into an experience that involves learning, growing, teamwork and giving back to your community.

As a Teen HMCP Volunteer You Will:

  • Increase your knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating and food safety
  • Learn how food choices influence personal wellness and the planet
  • Learn how to work in a commercial kitchen alongside adult mentor chefs
  • Prepare, cook, create and package delicious and nourishing meals
  • Impact your community by helping families during a health crisis or illness
  • Build relationships with fellow volunteers from different towns in our area
  • Fulfill hours towards community service requirements
  • Accumulate noteworthy credentials and skills for work and/or your college applications
  • Become a leader in our program

Meet Great People | Learn Cooking Skills | Contribute to Your Community

While you may be a stranger when you first walk into Healing Meals kitchen, our teen leaders, adult mentors and staff will welcome you with open arms. No kitchen or garden experience is needed to volunteer, we simply ask everyone to be open-hearted and kind. There is a place for everyone at Healing Meals.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

  • Teen Chef
  • Farming
  • Special Events
  • Fundraising

We serve food to nourish families who need support, so the energy and intention as we work in the kitchen is critical.

Your Commitment to Healing Meals:

  • You must be in high school (or entering high school if a summer volunteer)
  • Commit to 4-6 consecutive weeks initially to get trained
  • Work entire shifts (2-3 hours)
  • Show up on time and be willing to work hard
  • Respond to our Volunteer Manager in a timely manner
  • Treat everyone with respect and understanding
  • Focus on the positive intent of putting healing energy, nourishment, and love into the food

Healing Meals Commitment to you:

  • Treat you as an intelligent, capable, creative and caring person
  • Mentor with respect
  • Show up on time and work hard alongside you at each shift
  • Provide a safe and friendly environment
  • Communicate concepts on how quality food nourishes the brain, the body, and the soul

To learn more, please email our Community Engagement Manager, Susan Hoffman

We look forward to working with you at Healing Meals Community Project!