Our Meals2GO Program

‘Busyness’ seems to be the way of life for so many of us, whether we have a family to support and/or a demanding job outside of the home. At Healing Meals Community Project, we understand that regularly eating healthy food is essential to managing our life. A healthy diet provides us with energy and strength and is a foundation for our wellbeing. Taking time to enjoy a healthy meal in a moment of peaceful solitude or amongst a boisterous family or friend gathering can make the greatest difference in how energetic we feel.

For many of us, time is a valuable commodity that we often lack! In this era of meal subscription boxes like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, having food delivered to your door can feel empowering and check a very important box on your general ‘to-do list’.

At Healing Meals, we recently initiated our Meals2GO program that invites our community to receive organic, healthy, and delicious meals at your door on a weekly basis. Our client menu is beautifully crafted from local and organic produce and is rich in flavor and color. It is free from gluten, dairy, soy, and processed ingredients. Our kitchen team and volunteers work together to create these meals that nourish our client families with love.

Our menu generally includes the following:

  • Soup & Salad
  • Two entrees, typically comprised of organic poultry, wild fish, or grass-fed beef paired with organic vegetables and a whole grain or organic legume-based starch.
  • Two vegetarian entrees
  • One snack

Here is a sample menu:

  • Cozy Vegetable Bisque (nourishing pureed soup made from root vegetables like butternut squash and carrots)
  • Mixed Green Salad with homemade Lemon Dill Tahini Dressing
  • Mushroom Turkey Meatloaf with Steamed Broccoli and Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  • Heartwarming Fish Stew with Brown Rice
  • Wild Rice & Chickpea Salad
  • Black Bean Burger with Wilted Greens, Root Veggie Fries, and homemade Ketchup
  • Energy Bite (homemade delicious and healthy oatmeal cookie)

By joining our Meals2GO program, in addition to receiving beautiful and delicious meals at your door, you are also supporting our clients in need. Over three-quarters of our clients are low-income and today, we are serving more and more families living in underserved communities. By signing up for our Meals2GO program, you are helping us serve more families in need.

As much as I love cooking with beautiful fresh ingredients at home, I often do not have the time to ‘take my time’ at home in my own kitchen. I am always so grateful to bring meals home at the end of the week as we complete our kitchen schedule. There are many nights during the week when my family enjoys Healing Meals!

If you would like to experience our Meals2GO program,
contact Emily Safino, our Client Manager.
To learn more about our Meals2GO program CLICK HERE