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Healing Meals nourishes with love. We believe that food is medicine, so we prepare and deliver nutritious meals that support healing for people recovering from acute health issues. The Healing Meals kitchen brings together youth and adult volunteers in a welcoming place where cross-generational creativity and respect form the foundation of our culture. Balancing ‘old-fashioned’ community values and recognition of the relationship between nutrition and healing, we support families facing a health crisis with healthy, organic meals.

Our food philosophy is based on the simple but true concept that food is healing when it’s whole, organic, locally grown, and prepared with love. We are a member of the Food is Medicine Coalition and an affiliate of the Ceres Community Project. Our food practices are informed by thought leaders and nationally recognized institutes and physicians that have researched the relationship between food and health.

Our current program provides meals for a 12-week period enabling our clients to enjoy delicious, nutrient-rich meals without the work or stress of buying and preparing meals. That period is also the amount of time needed to support our client’s health when it is most compromised when their appetite is lacking yet their need for nutrient-rich food is great. We have found that eating enough healthy foods during this time can increase the effectiveness of medications and improve the overall quality of life.

Each week our Delivery Angels deliver directly to our client’s door:

  • 4 complete entrees (each family member receives 4 complete entrees)
  • Soup (enough for each family member)
  • One Quart Immune broth

Weekly, we serve as many clients dealing with an acute health crisis and their families as our capacity will allow. If you would like additional information or see if you qualify for our program, please contact:

Emily Safino

Client & Delivery Manager

Phone: 860.549.2099

Email: emilysafino@healingmealsproject.org