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Healing Meals prepares and delivers organic meals for individuals and families dealing with a health crisis.  We cook for the entire family for 12 weeks.  Uniquely, all our meals are prepared by youth volunteers working alongside our Adult Mentors and Executive Chef.  These delicious and nutritious meals are delivered by our volunteer Delivery Angels.

Our choice to use organic foods is based on our belief that food is medicine. In the US, more than 1.2 billion pounds of pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on [non-organic] food crops each year. This widespread use of chemicals in our food supply has been linked to a significant number of cancers. In addition, research indicates their compounds can damage our bodies’ detoxification mechanisms.

We pride ourselves on making our food with organic whole grains, legumes, fresh wild caught fish, local pasture raised poultry, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Only unrefined healthy oils such as coconut, olive, sesame, and avocado are used.  In addition, we use only natural sugars including fruit, honey, coconut sugar, and maple syrup.  We pay attention to every detail including which sea salt, sea vegetables, organic herbs and spices are used to add nutrients and flavor to our food.

We do not use refined or processed food, chemical additives, genetically modified foods, refined oils such as canola, soybean, cottonseed, high fructose corn syrup, agave, white or brown sugar, food colorants, farmed/factory meat or fish.

The reason why Healing Meals starts with whole foods rather than canned or processed foods is simple; they offer the highest nutritional values. We also put an emphasis on the quality of the food, based on how and where it is grown so that it isn’t only about what foods we use, but where they come from.

Dinner can’t just be good for you, it must look good and taste great! We are blessed to be an affiliate of the Ceres Community Project; our recipes are based on their proven track of preparing and serving nutrient-rich meals that taste delicious. Our meals follow the American Institute of Cancer Research’s healthy plate format, with 2/3 of the plate consisting of plant-based whole foods. In other words, we use (culinary) art and science to create every meal!

Each week our Delivery Angels deliver directly to our client’s door:

  • 4 complete entrees (each family member receives 4 complete entrees)
  • Soup (enough for each family member)
  • One Quart Immune broth

Weekly, we serve as many clients dealing with an acute health crisis and their families as our capacity will allow. If you would like additional information or see if you qualify for our program, please contact:

Emily Safino

Client & Delivery Manager

Phone: 860-264-5864

Email: emilysafino@healingmealsproject.org