Sprouting Grain

Grains are a little bit of a paradox. They are very nutritious but in their whole form they are difficult to digest. 

Grains are made up of complex proteins that are difficult to digest. Our body digests food best when it is in its simplest form– this allows nutrients in the food to be absorbed and used easily.  Also, most grains contain phytic acid which limits the absorption of minerals into the body. This can affect bone health, in particular. 

A great way to make grains easier to digest and healthier to eat is through sprouting. To sprout grain, you can soak the grain in water overnight at room temperature (covered and away from direct sunlight), then draining and rinsing the following day. Keep in mind that when you cook sprouted grain, you generally need half of the recommended liquid for cooking. 

At Healing Meals, we use sprouted grain for our client menu to support healthy digestion!