Nourishing Community Cookbook

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Nourishing Community Cookbook

Nourishing Community Healing Recipes Made with Love cookbook tells the story of eight nonprofits working to transform their communities, one meal at a time. 

The members of the Ceres Affiliate Partner network train teen volunteers to prepare nourishing meals designed to meet the health needs of community members who are in treatment for serious illnesses like cancer. 

From across the US and even in Denmark, comes a collection of more than 100 delicious, healthy recipes representing what our volunteers make and deliver to our clients each week. The recipes range from soups and salads to desserts and entrees, including vegetarian, poultry, seafood and beef selections. 

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your family, or a friend who is ill, you’re sure to find inspiration and favorite new recipes in this new cookbook. Nourishing Community is filled with colorful photos, nutrition information, and helpful tips. The book makes a wonderful gift, with every purchase helping to financially support our work.

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Nourishing Connections Cookbook
2nd Addition is now available!

Nourishing Connections Cookbook includes vital information about the link between what we eat and our health. This wonderful cookbook is only $34.95! 

In the neighborhood? You can visit us and and pick up your book at Auerfarm in Bloomfield, CT (140 Nod Road, Simsbury, CT). Once you purchase the book a Healing Meals Community Project volunteers will contact you to arrange pick-up.

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