Ellen Deutsch, CPA


Retiring from her position as a CPA did not slow Ellen down. Her life got even busier: traveling, cooking, entertaining, playing bridge, serving on the Board of Trustees at Watkinson School.

When the opportunity arose to be a founding member of Healing Meals, she didn’t hesitate. She had heard wonderful things about Ceres (the founding affiliate) from her sister, who had volunteered there for years, and she was excited about helping to bring this amazing program to Connecticut.

One of Ellen’s friends recently wrote: she is everything we all need in a friend— patient, generous, empathetic, hilarious, and loving. The staff at Healing Meals completely agree, plus we are thankful for her attention to detail, dedication to Healing Meals, and all the things she learned at UConn, becoming a world-class CPA! She truly is beautiful inside and out.